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Author: coolhandlukegbr

A son of Blaenau Gwent (it was Monmouthshire when I lived there) I was born and brought up in a village called LLanhilleth I was one of the first to experience University Education coupled with Industrial Training going up to Bath University; graduating Chemical Engineering in 1978. A strong Christian Faith coupled with a deeply skeptical attitude to the benevolence of 'Authority' (of ALL kinds) leads me to be used to ask "flaming (sometimes another 'f' word which I can't use here) awkward questions": - of everybody. That is the core characteristic which will inform these posts. I have travelled extensively in my career (mainly for work) and would prefer to regard myself as an 'Internationalist'. In my 'Autumn Years' I am indulging an interest in the highly technical art of photography. It combines my engineering spirit of 'why and how' together with a love of beauty. My culture is Welsh, so you will have to tolerate my crowing about a nation that always punches above its weight. Being Welsh, I cannot separate the expression of my faith from my love of and skills and interest in music (of course). Unusually for my kind, singing is not my forte, instead instrumental playing is my passion in this field. To prove I have exceptions to "the rules"; my sport, which I still practice and get involved in by officiating (to the highest level of club competition; not the professional game) is cricket. Don't worry, my extensive overseas travel has taught me that outside of my country few people 'get it' apart from those of sub continent or Anzac extraction. (Have YOU ever tried explaining to a North American how you can play a game for 5 days and still not get a result; yet consider it to be a contest of the highest standard and memorabilia ? ) Please do engage with my expressed thinking - it helps us ALL develop and learn.

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